Scott’s Barbecue – Hemingway, SC

I had not sampled Scott’s Barbecue in Hemingway, SC in almost 2 years, so I made a 150 mile round trip from Cherry Grove, SC to Hemingway, SC this past Saturday. It did not disappoint. The roadside store is unique as is it’s award winning barbecue. It’s unique color and it long strands of pulled pork were a familiar treat. The sauce, which will wake you up, can be as spicy as you want – she’ll just dip the ladle a little deeper. Scott’s has actually added a few small tables in the store, but mostly you get your ‘cue to go. I have the sauce on the side so I can control the temp and keep it moist. It’s nice drive through the SC countryside and one of those barbecue joints that combine their love and passion of good barbecue in the process. Made a trip off the major highways and try it when in the area. Scott’s is listed in the listings with a map to their location.

March 22, 2014


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