Hillsborough BBQ Company

SurfPig stopped in at Hillsborough BBQ Company in historic Hillsborough, NC.  It was a cold day which is perfect for good BBQ, which Hillsborough BBQ serves up in ample portions smoked over oak and hickory they hand pick several times each week.  SurfPig added a light amount their Eastern NC style sauce which picked up the taste of the smoke without overpowering it.  The Western NC style sauce was a little sweet for my taste, but I prefer lighter sauces that won’t hide the taste of the meat and the smoke.  A nice surprise was their KT’s Brunswick Stew, especially on this cold day. A unique mix of rabbit, chicken and pork with a nice assortment of beans and vegetables that blend well.  Nice day for a trip down the BBQHWY and well worth the trip and winding through Hillsborough to enjoy good BBQ and brunswick stew!

December 19, 2015


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