BBQHWY 600 BBQ Restaurants

BBQHWY has now exceeded 600 BBQ Restaurant listings in 25 states.  Looking for local BBQ, or traveling down the highway, our lists of BBQ Restaurants, BBQ Sauces and BBQ Events continues to grow as we travel down the BBQ Highway. Send us your favorites or add them yourselves.  Please, only positive comments.  The old adage, if you can’t say something nice, well…..  If you don’t like a particular place, don’t go back or buy their sauce.  

BBQ is a lifelong love of ours and takes us to interesting little places run by people with a passion for barbeque – visited by people who are just as passionate about good Q as well.

If you like a BBQ Restaurant or Sauce, list it and share your positive comments and maybe we’ll get to experience a new BBQ Joint or new Sauce – or Event.  Stay tuned for new BBQ Restaurant, Sauce and Event listings. 

Watch SurfPig as he travels the BBQHWY here and on Twitter @bbqhwy or #BBQHWY.



July 16, 2014


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